Membership Categories


Regular member representative’s job functions include recruitment, career services and career development or training of college students and graduates exclusively for their organizations.

Educational Institution Members are defined as individuals serving as official representatives for career development or training of students for an educational institution . 

Employer Members are defined as individuals actively recruiting, screening, hiring, and training college students or graduates for their organization. This does not include organizations which provide a product or service to career services or human resource staffing functions or that function as a third party recruiter.

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Affiliate membership may be granted to organizations that provide a service or product to career services and/or college relations/human resources staffing functions. The mission and purpose of these organizations must be complementary and supportive of the mission and purposes of the SouthernACE, as determined by the Membership Committee. Affiliate membership may include organizations such as: publishers of career materials, technology organizations that provide supporting software and system platforms that directly relate to the operational functions of college recruitment or college and university career services, advertising firms, media organizations, consultants in college recruiting for an institutional employer/college member, college/university faculty, and supervising managers for a regular college/university or employer member. The phrase “consultants in college recruiting” does not constitute employment agencies operating on a contingency basis or as third party recruiters.
Affiliate members may attend conferences and workshops, and may serve on committees. Affiliate members may not vote or hold any elected or appointed offices.

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Individual members who self-fund membership. Self-funded members are defined as those who pay for their own dues, not by their employer. In the event the member moves organizations, their individual membership remains with the individual, not the institution. These members are entitled to all the rights of full membership except for the ability to vote or hold office.

Student Members. Individuals enrolled in degree granting programs of accredited colleges/ universities who have demonstrated interest in the career services and employer relations profession and who are not employed full-time in the profession. Student members are eligible to attend conferences and workshops, and serve on committees, but cannot vote or hold office. Membership dues shall be half (1/2) of the full individual membership rate.
Student membership is not available to those who would qualify for membership under the Regular membership category. Student membership eligibility ends six months after the completion of the degree, or upon employment in the field, whichever comes first.

Honorary Lifetime Members. Individuals no longer eligible for active membership and who have been members of the association for a significant number of years, who have made notable contribution in the field of career services, college relations, or to the SouthernACE, and who are nominated by members and approved by the Board of Directors. Such members shall not vote, hold office, or pay dues. Honorary Lifetime members who return to the profession must regain full dues-paying membership responsibilities and privileges in order to remain active in the SouthernACE.

Retiree Members. A qualified member, upon retirement, may retain membership in the SouthernACE. These members are entitled to all the rights of full membership except for the ability to vote or hold office. The individual’s membership status will belong to the individual and dues payment will be the responsibility of the individual until otherwise qualified for membership.

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Group Membership

Memberships may be paid as part of a group membership, which allows individuals from one organization or company to “group” their membership registration under the parent organization or company, at a flat rate, and receive one invoice for the entire office or department. For each Group Membership, one individual will be identified as the primary member/contact. Group membership eligibility will be verified by SoACE at the time of the group’s application. 

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The SoACE Membership year runs from July 1 - June 30 of every year. 

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