Advertising and Promotions Registration

SoACE offers many opportunities for organizations to brand and promote themselves. Take advantage of one or all of these advertising and promotions opportunities.

Website-Related Opportunities:

  • Organization logo and link on the SoACE homepage (1 year) - $1000

Newletter-Related Opportunities:

  • Small newsletter banner ad (100px tall by 275 px wide) - $100 per month
  • Large newsletter banner ad (100px tall by 550 px wide) - $200 per month
  • Newsletter Membership Profile sponsorship - $400 per year (3 issues) – maximum of one sponsor
  • Newsletter KG Quick Takes sponsorship - $400 per year (3 issues) – maximum of one sponsor

All requests will be approved based on alignment with the orgnaization's mission and compliance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice. Please submit your announcement (2) weeks prior for the SoACE Board to approve this request.

Please contact the SoACE office with questions.

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