Available Volunteer Positions

Volunteering with SoACE is the perfect way to grow your network as well as your professional skill set.  As volunteer positions come available throughout the year, they will be posted on this page.  If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, please contact the individuals listed next to each position.  Thank you for your interest!

SoACE Committee Positions

Diversity & Inclusion Educational Initiatives Coordinator: Provide programmatic and educational opportunities for the association in relation to issues, trends, and emerging concepts in relation to D&I for Career Services. Please contact Cheryl Hicks for more information. 

Diversity & Inclusion Marketing & Communications Liaison: Provide opportunities to write and provide communication updates in relation to D&I topics. Propose blog topics for the SoACE Connections Blog and submit or collect relevant D&I information for the newsletter and social media sites. Please contact Cheryl Hicks for more information. 

Membership Liaison to Diversity & Inclusion: Act as a liaison between the Members Services and Diversity & Inclusion areas of the Board to strengthen the entire organization through integrating diverse perspectives and to ensure our membership services are inclusive. Individual in this role will participate in conference calls with the Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI) Committee and consult as needed with both the New Member Sub-Committee and Membership Application Sub-Committee (1-2 positions). Please contact Elizabeth Boggs for more information. 

Membership Application Sub-Committee: Individuals in the role assist with membership applications and a renewal campaigns each spring. Group membership applications must be reviewed by a minimum of 2 individuals before being approved. Assist with review of content and format of membership applications (individual and group), and descriptions of membership categories (2 positions). Please contact Elizabeth Boggs for more information.

Minority Serving Institutions Coordinator: Develop and provide opportunities to connect and engage with career centers of MSI's. Work to collaborate regarding recruitment, retention, and engagement of these populations. Please contact Cheryl Hicks for more information. 

SoACE Knowledge Group (KG) Positions

The following SoACE Knowledge Groups are seeking members for leadership (Assistant Chairs) and committee involvement in the following areas:

Currently, no KG committee positions are available.